Tun Sardon Climb (Back) – my best recommend

Tun Sardon is the most challenging hill road in Penang Island. If you are not satisfied with the results of your first round the island of Penang, you should definitely try Tun Sardon. Personally, I only climb the hill from Balik Pulau on the west side of Penang Island, which is called the “back side” of the island. Tun Sardon [Back](Balik Pulau – Sungai Ara / Air Hitam) The route starts from Balik Pulau, the west side of the island, up the hill which runs middle of the island. After the peak, descending from the summit to the east, it is possible to descend in the direction of Air Hitam and Air Itam or Penang Golf CLub and Sungai Ara. If incorporated into a round-the-island route, it is easy to write a route that circles the island in a figure of eight and gains more than 1,000 meters in elevation. Profile Distance: 4.3km Average gradient: 6.1 Maximum gradient: 12.1 Elevation gained: 264m (no descent) Toughness: ★★★★ Recommendation: ★★★★ Recommendations Points to note Climb starts with gradient climb around 5-6% When you turn steep left turn looking a temple on he right, you will face the steepest part In the evening time it is also stunning When you start seeing nice view of Balik Pulau, only 1/3 of the way left! Feels like almost the peak but you are not! Take a break and move on. When you reach the top, you will see the rest area with some shops, go to the end of the parking lot to look down beautiful country side of Balik Pulau The rest shop may not be open, so be sure to carry enough supply. Enjoy if it is open 😉