News Sources if you face natural disaster in Japan

First of all, secure your safety first! If you faced an earthquake while you are on the coastal line, evacuate from Tsunami immediately! Look for Evacuation signs, or ask people! If storm related, go higher ground if there is possible flooding, if wind storms, find hard structure buildings such as schools, big hospitals.

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Call for Help

If you are in immediate danger, call 110 for Police, 119 for Ambulance/Fire, 118 for Coastguard. If you cannot reach any of this, consider make a post on X (twitter) or Instagram and call for help. Geotag will be also helpful.

Save your mobile phone battery

Consider saving your mobile phone battery, reduce brightness of your screen, make it to Battery-saving mode, and keep it to Airplane mode to save your battery drains. Especially if you lost the mobile signals, phone will consume more battery to search signals, so Airplane mode is crucial.

NHK TV/Radio/ and NHK World

If you have a TV or radio nearby, NHK (National broadcasting) is always first source of Information! Usually you can access English interpreted sub channels in the following:

NHK World Website:

In case of larger disaster, NHK will open live broadcasting on the internet.

Text info other than English, tap on the right top corner. They have many languages, such as Chinese, Arabic, Tagalog, Bahasa, Spanish, Portuguese etc.

TV: Channel 1 or Channel 3

NHK is usually on Channel 1, some areas may be channel 3. You need to press 「音声切替」button to hear English interpretation.

Radio: NHK Radio 2

If you have radio, such as one in the car audio, you can listen to English disaster news on NHK Radio2 channel. For the frequency, look for Wikipedia .