KLIA Aerotrain (terminal transfer train) has been suspended, passengers need to take bus

The KLIA Aerotrain, an automated train that operates between the main terminal building and satellite buildings at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, has been out of service since March 1. The Aerotrain got stuck in the middle of its run on March 1. The airport authority says the resume of the servce timing has not been determined. The bus services will be catered for the passengers need to travel between terminals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the aero train service was also suspended and buses were used for alternative transportation. It is expected that it will take longer than usual to move from one terminal to another and transfer between terminals, so please be sure to move as early as possible, especially if you are using international flights. Dear passengers at KLIA, this is a friendly reminder that our aerotrain service is currently suspended. Please proceed straight to the bus lounge to transfer between Main Terminal Building and Satellite Building. pic.twitter.com/AeWzDSAxiG — Malaysia Airports (@MY_Airports) March 6, 2023

Phishing calls pretending HSBC bank

Recently, I am receiving a phone calls pretending HSBC Bank. It is not a precise wording but the call with machine generated voice saying ““This is a call from HSBC””and “Your credit card has been charged XXXX Ringgit. To approve the transaction, press 1. To talk with the operator, press 3””, something like this. The amount they claim is relatively large (about MYR 4000-6000 so far) so you may be panicked in the begging of the call. The voice is very similar to the actual HSBC phone banking, and if you pick up the call without checking caller ID (so far they all come from mobile numbers for me) you may be selecting to talk to the operator. Some of my friends don’’t own the HSBC account receives this call so I believe they are randomly calling the people but be careful everyone! If you receive a suspicious call, just hang up! And call back on the phone number written in the back of your card if you want to further make sure the safety of your bank or credit card!!


お仕事的にもプライベート的にもストレスmaxの状況 なんだかんだ昨日の就寝時間が遅く、睡眠時間的には約3時間半だった終わりには今日は寝起きスッキリ、目覚ましなしで希望起床時刻5時過ぎに起床 昨日はお昼寝も2時間ほどしていたのでもしかしたらそれが効いているのか、あるいは昨日の夕飯が夜遅くなってしまったこともあり、超絶ヘルシーな白菜とシーチキンの煮付けで、食後きちんと3時間程度あけてから寝たのもよかったのかな? 今日の印象としては睡眠すごいよりもやっぱり心拍数の方が調子の良し悪しを表しているよ気がする。 いずれにしてもまだしばらくは骨の様子を見ながらの生活になるので、運動不足の影響を見ながら気をつけて生活しないといけない。 睡眠スコア:63 最低心拍:50 安静時心拍数:59 主観スコア:6/10

2F+ Coffee Roastery

It has been a long pending cafe on my list to visit, the 2F+ Coffee Roastery. This shop is located in Relau, closer to Free Industrial Zone. The shop is located in front of Golden Triangle, but a little bit difficult to find for a first-timer, as there are no big signboards or parking areas, and the road is rather high-traffic. The cafe has a vast space, divided into a few different areas. Unfortunately, I could not see the entire area, but I think they have over 50+ seating, probably more.  Ambience I came into the shop in lunch time of the weekday, so shop was not crowded, but still had several groups, and a few were in pretty much working mode as I was. Quiet with soft music is very good; if you are alone, you probably notice the road noise from the street right infront of the shop. This may be different at the weekend, where I expect more customers chattering if it is in the evening or the weekend. Taste of the day I rarely take food, but I ordered Thai Basil Pork Rice (RM 19.90) with Ice Lemongrass Lemon Tea (RM18.00) today. There was a set discount of RM3.00 on the receipt, assuming it was for a lunch discount. Pork rice looks a little different from the picture on the menu but in a good way! The amount and flavour of the Thai Basil were just right, and the portion was also just right for me! (Some youngsters may find a little small in volume in Penang standard) Yet, red pepper was just a little too much for my childish Japanese tongue, and I needed my lemon ice tea after the meal. After all, I had a great lunch! If I may, I wanted to add a tiny bit of salad even with an extra cost. The meal was served with some greens, as seen in the picture, but I felt I needed more, may be because my mouth was a little hot with chilli. After the meal, I also ordered Filtered Coffee with Colombia. More precisely, Colombia Cauca Finca El Paraiso Double Anaerobic Flor Lichi!  There are not many cafe in penang showing the process of the beans, and this is always a good sign that their coffee is good! Light roasted, very aromatic coffee. I think this is one coffee you should try. Correct …

Microsoft Office Word 2016 for MacでF7に文章校正が割り当てられている件

最新版のWord for Mac  (2016)では、なぜかF7キーが全角カナ(カタカナ)への変換ではなく、スペルチェックと文章構成に割り当てられているという謎な対応。 そもそもショートカットキーはできるだけWinと共通にして欲しいが、どうやって変えるの!?と何度か聞かれたため、以下、変更方法をメモしておきます。 同様の作業で、他のショートカット設定を変えることができます。 編集記録 2015/10/22作成 2015/11/6更新 2023/04/09 サーバー初期化事故から記事復旧 https://web.archive.org/web/20170503025549/Hiroshi.today/2015/10/22/f7-for-office2016-mac