Accidentally deleted the entire server!

On 5th August 2022, I accidentally deleted my server contents. This resulted in my blog being inaccessible, and many of my email accounts are undeliverable… Email may take a few more days to recover, and you may be delayed hearing back from me. On Sunday 7th August, I reorganised the server settings, and email transmission will resume eventually, but I have not saved my web server data. So basically, my blog data is permanently gone. What has happened I previously had a few web servers rented to organise several different websites. However, many websites were closed during the last few years, as related projects are also terminated. So I was planning to cancel some of the web hostings. This time, one of the servers I was supposed to continue comes to an annual renewal timing, but 2 of the web hosting services have been re-branded in the last few years, and I got confused with those two brands. So I accidentally cancelled the server I was supposed to continue. Just a few minutes later, I somehow realised the mistake and contacted the hosting customer services, but the clicking of the cancellation is “immediate and permanent”; therefore, I was unable to …

How to show only specific language from the Google Search Result

When I search in this situation, for example, as shown below, I search for “Notion 整理” (means Notion Organization) and want to read the description in Japanese, but due to the geographical information and keywords, an article in Chinese, which I do not expect, may appear at the top of the list. In my Google search language settings, English, Chinese, and Japanese are selected.

JAL Announces Purchase of 21 Boeing 737 MAX 8 Aircraft

Japan Airlines (JAL) has announced the purchase of 21 Boeing 737 MAX 8 (737-8) aircraft, which will begin operation in 2026. This will replace the current fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft, of which JAL owns 47 and leases 17, with the new model. The Boeing 737-8 aircraft has improved aerodynamic performance and new engines, which is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by approximately 15% compared to the current Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Review of Rasa Sayang Hotel Penang – Spice Market’s Weekend Dinner Buffet, and comparison vs E&O buffet

After long wondering, which buffet is the best in Penang: E&O or Rasa Sayan? I finally tried the Spice Market Cafe of the Shangri-La Rasa Sayan. If you’re looking for a good buffet experience in Penang, Spice Market’s dinner buffet at Rasa Sayang Hotel is definitely worth checking out. Located in the Batu Ferringhi so combine with beach visit! This five-star hotel offers a weekend buffet that’s perfect for those who want to indulge in a variety of delicious dishes.

Tun Sardon Climb (Back) – my best recommend

Tun Sardon is the most challenging hill road in Penang Island. If you are not satisfied with the results of your first round the island of Penang, you should definitely try Tun Sardon. Personally, I only climb the hill from Balik Pulau on the west side of Penang Island, which is called the “back side” of the island. Tun Sardon [Back](Balik Pulau – Sungai Ara / Air Hitam) The route starts from Balik Pulau, the west side of the island, up the hill which runs middle of the island. After the peak, descending from the summit to the east, it is possible to descend in the direction of Air Hitam and Air Itam or Penang Golf CLub and Sungai Ara. If incorporated into a round-the-island route, it is easy to write a route that circles the island in a figure of eight and gains more than 1,000 meters in elevation. Profile Distance: 4.3km Average gradient: 6.1 Maximum gradient: 12.1 Elevation gained: 264m (no descent) Toughness: ★★★★ Recommendation: ★★★★ Recommendations Points to note Climb starts with gradient climb around 5-6% When you turn steep left turn looking a temple on he right, you will face the steepest part In the evening …

KLIA Aerotrain (terminal transfer train) has been suspended, passengers need to take bus

The KLIA Aerotrain, an automated train that operates between the main terminal building and satellite buildings at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, has been out of service since March 1. The Aerotrain got stuck in the middle of its run on March 1. The airport authority says the resume of the servce timing has not been determined. The bus services will be catered for the passengers need to travel between terminals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the aero train service was also suspended and buses were used for alternative transportation. It is expected that it will take longer than usual to move from one terminal to another and transfer between terminals, so please be sure to move as early as possible, especially if you are using international flights. Dear passengers at KLIA, this is a friendly reminder that our aerotrain service is currently suspended. Please proceed straight to the bus lounge to transfer between Main Terminal Building and Satellite Building. — Malaysia Airports (@MY_Airports) March 6, 2023