Phishing calls pretending HSBC bank

Recently, I am receiving a phone calls pretending HSBC Bank. It is not a precise wording but the call with machine generated voice saying ““This is a call from HSBC””and “Your credit card has been charged XXXX Ringgit. To approve the transaction, press 1. To talk with the operator, press 3””, something like this. The amount they claim is relatively large (about MYR 4000-6000 so far) so you may be panicked in the begging of the call. The voice is very similar to the actual HSBC phone banking, and if you pick up the call without checking caller ID (so far they all come from mobile numbers for me) you may be selecting to talk to the operator. Some of my friends don’’t own the HSBC account receives this call so I believe they are randomly calling the people but be careful everyone! If you receive a suspicious call, just hang up! And call back on the phone number written in the back of your card if you want to further make sure the safety of your bank or credit card!!