Accidentally deleted the entire server!

On 5th August 2022, I accidentally deleted my server contents. This resulted in my blog being inaccessible, and many of my email accounts are undeliverable… Email may take a few more days to recover, and you may be delayed hearing back from me.

On Sunday 7th August, I reorganised the server settings, and email transmission will resume eventually, but I have not saved my web server data. So basically, my blog data is permanently gone.

What has happened

I previously had a few web servers rented to organise several different websites. However, many websites were closed during the last few years, as related projects are also terminated. So I was planning to cancel some of the web hostings.

This time, one of the servers I was supposed to continue comes to an annual renewal timing, but 2 of the web hosting services have been re-branded in the last few years, and I got confused with those two brands. So I accidentally cancelled the server I was supposed to continue.

Just a few minutes later, I somehow realised the mistake and contacted the hosting customer services, but the clicking of the cancellation is “immediate and permanent”; therefore, I was unable to stop the cancellation process.

Even my communication with the web hosting support was disrupted in the middle, as my email was also relayed on the server I cancelled!

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