Coffee Affairs [Penang Cafe Pottering]

Today’s stop was at Coffee Affairs, it is located along the Bishop Street, just a few steps from the famous Beach Street. They serve a good coffee with Siphon, its a little gem in the Pearl of the Orient!


The cafe is very cozy and rather dark environment, but lit with a warm lights. The cafe offers a good range of coffee, from Brazil Santos to Panama’s famous Geisha Emerald!

I visited in the morning of the Hari Raya holiday (but considered weekday in the calendar), seats were 80% occupied through my over 2hours stay.

With the tone of the shop, there were not many young people, and this probably gave the shop with good relaxed ambience too.

Taste of the day

My pick of the day was Brazil Santos (RM19.5) and Bunum Wo Peaberry from Papua New Gunea (RM21.1). Both cups were prepared in Siphon and very pleasant coffee experience!

Especially I liked the second cup of the Peaberry, with very fruity aroma and slight acidity with good depth of aroma.

This time, I have not taken any food along with the coffee.

(Visited: 04 May 2022)

【How to Order】At the counter.
Look for chalk board for the picks for the coffees.

【Coffee】 ★★★★★
One of the best I took in the town! With this level of good coffee, I wanted the serving cups to be warmed up as well, this is a slight disappointment.

Slightly dark for study or work, but some people may like it. Table is in descent size, but considering the available number of seats, it is may be difficult to stay longer hours especially in the afternoon or weekend.
No power sockets, WiFi not checked.
Maxis 4, XOX 2, Digi 2

This will be a challenge if you come in weekend. Need to find a spot in roadside parking.

Descent and clean. Located at the back of the shop.

【Will-return rate】90%
With this good coffee, I will certainly come back!


Coffee Affairs
21, Lebuh Bishop, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang


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