Coffee Affairs [George Town]

This time we visited Coffee Affiars, located on Bishop Street and just off the famous Beach Street. This is a pretty valuable shop in Penang where you can drink siphon coffee!


The café is very cozy and a little dark, but with warm lighting to calm the atmosphere. Coffee offers a variety of coffees, from Santos in Brazil to Panama's famous Geisha Emerald!

I visited in the morning of the week in Hari Raya (but it was a weekday in terms of calendar). Throughout this two-hour stay, the seating rate was about 80%.

The customer base was not very young and it was a relaxed atmosphere.

Food and drink this time

Today it was Santos in Brazil (RM19.5) and Bunum Wopy Berry in Papua New Guinea (RM21.1). Both cups were prepared in siphon and were very tasty!

I especially liked the second cup of peaberries because they had a very fruity aroma and a slight sour taste, and the depth of the aroma was good.

This time, we didn't eat.

(Visited May 4, 2022)

【How to order】At the counter.
Find a blackboard for coffee picks.

It was a delicious coffee that competed for 1 and 2 among the drinks in Penang! However, if it is coffee of this level, I would like you to warm the serving cup by all means. This point is a bit of a starting point.

【Work / Study】 ★★★
It is a little dark for studying and working, but I think that many people like this kind of calm lighting. I don't think it bothers me, especially after sunset. Given the number of seats available this time, it may be difficult to stay for a long time, especially in the afternoon or on weekends.
No power socket, no WiFi checked.
Signal conditions: Maxis 4, XOX 2, Digi 2

【Parking】If you come on the weekend, ★
it seems to be quite difficult. If you are not parking on the street, you will need to walk to the nearby parking lot.

Clean to the average level. It is located at the back of the store.

【Revisit probability】90%
The shop that makes you drink this much coffee is valuable, so you will definitely revisit it.


Coffee Affiars
21, Lebuh Bishop, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang

This post was originally posted in English and was translated into Japanese on May 19, 2022.

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