Shop Lots Opening at Queens Waterfront

In front of Queensbay Mall, at the south of the Penang island, you will see now a tall Condominium start serving to its new residence. Underneath of the sea front units, there are several shop lots also start serving. In the sea front location, I foresee it will be a nice location for the people (including my self!) to chill out in the evening as well as the early jogging hours.

CU Store and now TeaLive is open!

It has been several weeks after the Korean themed CU Store opened its door to the customers. It is opened in the Queensbay Mall side (inland area) and visible to the traffic as well.

Behind its door now the TeaLive, a popular drink outlet is open as well. May be because it is at the invisible location, currently it is customer less. If you are chilling out on the park walk in front of the ferry board, you can pick up your drinks here too!

TeaLive and BreadHistory
Also, as you see in the picture, Bread History is also on its way to open its new outlet. Hope this reduce high traffic at the Queensbay outlet as well!

Waiting for Village Grocer to open!

Now a prime supermarket Village Grocer already came into Penang about a year ago, at City Junction. They are now also coming to the South of the island, at the Queens Waterfront.

Observed at 17 April, the supermarket is almost ready!

Their official website now announce its open is 28 April, 2022!
You can get RM10 voucher by visiting their official website

 There seems another two restaurants in preparation as well.

I am bit concerned with the traffic congestion at the roundabout in front of the Queensbay Mall, but at the same time, excited to see the new development.

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