Shop Lots Opening at Queens Waterfront

In front of Queensbay Mall, at the south of the Penang island, you will see now a tall Condominium start serving to its new residence. Underneath of the sea front units, there are several shop lots also start serving. In the sea front location, I foresee it will be a nice location for the people (including my self!) to chill out in the evening as well as the early jogging hours.

COVID-19 cases in Penang & Malaysia

MCO3.0 is now extended until June 28, and start seeing the drop of the new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 in Malaysia in general. As to understand better in the situation, I also wanted to see the trend of COVID-19 in Penang as well. There was no good one stop centre to see such trend, I start compiling the data for myself. To see the latest chart and numbers in the table, please click here or the below link. マレーシア・ペナン州のコロナ感染者数推移