Penang Cycling Road – Detour around Queensbay Mall

As many of you know, there are constant update on the route around Queensbay Mall for the last few years, along with the development of the Queens Wsterfront. The most recent route is now behind TNB station.

The latest update as of end of December 2020, confirmed as 1 February 2022 is goes behind TNB station, and connects to the newly developed wide road in front of Queens Waterfront. The good news for many of the cyclist is now the road is all nicely paved and even roadbikers can pass this area without hassles!

If you are coming from the north side to south bound (from 1st bridge side heading to the second bridge) you will see the road block as in the header picture, but if you look at the left side of the road block, you will see the path like below.

It is hard to see but there are little window to go-through the wall. Paved and smooth, but just be careful with the people coming from the other side.
After go through the above “gate”you will go out to the newly made road.

If you are from south side or 2nd bridge side, you will see the old-path is closed and guided by the sings like below.

You will see the small sign on the tree; arrow shows to follow new road. If you are on the car lane, you will find the bike path on your left. If you are on the building/sea side pedestrian, you will need to go up until end of the road and turn around.

Although road is paved, if you are walking or jogging, you may need to go a bit of extra steps. If you decided to go with the shortest path, which will need to go with the round-about near the bus stop at the Queensbay Mall; but now some of the cars are turning into Queens Waterfront so be extra careful. Besides, you can have a bit of extra walk and use safer end – still road is dead end.