Malaysian Prime Minister’s Message (March 18, 2020. 8pm) in English

Malaysian Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin addressed to the nation tonight, regarding the movement control due to COVID-19. I needed the English translation but I could not find the text in English. This produced via OCR from the twitter post by RTM and google translation. And I am still searching first 20% of the speech…

I think key message was, its not a holiday, just stay where you are in order to prevent the infection.

(From the middle..)

No need to go out anywhere. By doing … in such a way these sisters were prevented from COVID 19 infection and transmission
this outbreak is insane Allah can be prevented. This is the true purpose of the Commandments Movement control is implemented by the government.

The purpose is not to allow the brothers to return to village, catering, shopping at the supermarket, stroll through the park or vacation at the resort. Not.
The goal is for the sisters to sit at home. Stay at home and protect yourself and your family.

I mention this because yesterday many returned to the village.
I saw the freeway as the vehicle headed north, south and east. The bus station is also crowded with people who want to return to the hometown.

I want to appeal to my sisters. Please help. Stay put where you are. In Kuala Lumpur, stay in Kuala Lumpur. Available in Johor Bahru stay in Johor Bahru. In Penang, stay in Penang. If you plan on going home village, cancel that intention first. I ask for a favour two weeks only.

Why? Because we want to break the infection chain. We want to break the chain of infection. So that the number of people infected is outbreaks.
This COVID-19 can be reduced.

Why is this Movement Control Order two weeks away?

This is because COVID 19 has a two-week incubation life.

There are cases where symptoms appear only after. The government hope after two weeks expire, they have symptoms were successfully isolated for treatment, rendering Malaysia is free from COVID-19.

If we have not succeeded in this period, the Government may had to extend the Control Order period. Therefore, it is important for all of us to isolate ourselves and our families from being exposed to the COVID-19 virus by being at home.

Ladies and gentlemen, This virus is transmitted from person to person by touch. If the sisters move around, not to mention the place public, the possibility of contact is high.

As such, the government has announced the closure of schools our kids don’t have to go to school. So they won’t contact with friends who may carry the COVID virus-19. Brothers and sisters do not need to go to work so sisters are not in touch with anyone else who might bring virus. This is the purpose.

But if your siblings still move around, chances are siblings come into contact with others and get infected this outbreak is high.

So, please. I’m begging again. Sit quietly at home.

Stay at home and protect yourself and your family.

Brothers may ask. If you just sit at home, how about your daily needs? Can I go to the market? Or …eateries?

The answer is yes. The market is still open. But practice care good health. Avoid contact with distance you are from others and always be clean. Wash hands
by using soap or hand sanitizer. If you can take a shower more often to keep the body clean.

The eatery also opened. But to avoid the risk of infection, siblings are not allowed to eat at the store. Order food, wrap it up and bring it home. Or better use the service home delivery or home food delivery service.
This way, the brothers don’t have to leave the house to buying food.

Don’t take advantage of this two-week opportunity to shop at the store mamak. Don’t be siblings. This will increase the risk of infection.
Avoid hanging out with friends at restaurants, in kopitiam, in the center entertainment or anywhere that can expose your relatives, susceptible to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In the villages I know this is the wedding season. I’m sorry school holiday. I want to remind my sisters, including them

This Movement Control Command is a mass gathering, among others wedding.

So, to the parents of the bride I ask you very much cancel the feast. A marriage can be done, but a feast is not do it first. Suspend it. When things have improved,

Make it a feast for your beloved child.

I think your invited children and relatives are welcome the big problem we are facing. Don’t be shy, don’t be shy.
Tell the invited guest that the wedding planned to be canceled due to COVID problem 19. I believe they will thank the masters for their concern the health of the guests.

These are some of the things that might be considered small, but very important to do.

The principle is simple. During these two weeks, sit still.

stay home. Stay at home.

It looks simple and easy. But this is the important thing that the brothers must do to contain themselves COVID-19 outbreaks in our country.

As Prime Minister, I have a great responsibility to to deal with the crisis that is plaguing our country. But I do not may be able to perform this task alone. I need
your support.