JR East announced an operation plan for Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October 2019 considering the approach of the typhoon Hagibis.

Later found JR EAST’s official information in English in PDF. Please found here:

In summary:

  • The majority of the Tokyo area trains to be suspended afternoon of Saturday 12th.
  • Even the Yamanote line will be suspended after 1pm on Saturday 12th.
  • Many of the express trains will be suspended, including Narita Express (trains after 11am will be suspended)

For general information and more links, please see below post:

JR EAST’s plan as of 10:50 Oct 12

The original press release is found here (in Japanese)

To be suspended whole day of Saturday 12th Oct

  • Shonan Shinjuku Line
  • Ueno Tokyo Line (Ueno-Tokyo)
  • Kururi Line

To be suspended from certain hours

From 9am, Saturday 12th

From 9AM, Saturday 12th

  • Ito line

From 10AM , Saturday 12th

  • Tokaido Line
  • Yokosuka Line
  • Keiyo Line
  • Chuo Line (Takao-Kobuchizawa: Outside of central Tokyo)
  • Sagami Line
  • Sobu Line (Sakura – Choshi: Chiba area)
  • Narita Line (Abiko-Narita, Narita-Choshi: Chiba area)
  • Uchibo Line
  • Sotobo Line
  • Togane Line
  • Kashima Line

From 11AM

  • Yokohama Line
  • Ome Line (Ome-Okutama: outside of central Tokyo)
  • Hachiko Line

From 12PM (Noon)

  • Keihin Tohoku & Negishi Line
  • Chuo Line Rapid Service
  • Chuo & Sobu Line (local trains)
  • Sobu Line Rapid Service
  • Saikyo ine
  • Kawagoe Line
  • Utsunomiya Line
  • Takasaki Line
  • Musashino Line
  • Sobu line & Narita Line (Chiba-Narita Airport)
  • Joban Line (rapid)
  • Joban Line (local)
  • Joban Line (Toride-Mito)
  • Ome Line (Tachikawa-Ome)
  • Uchibo Line (Chiba-Kimitsu)
  • Sotobo Line (Chiba-Kazusa Ichinomiya)
  • Karasuyama Line
  • Azuma Line

From 13:00 (1PM)

  • Yamanote Line
  • Nambu Line
  • Tsurumi Line
  • Itsukaichi Line
  • Ryomo Line
  • Joestu Line
  • Shin-etsu Line
  • Joban Line (Mito-Iwaki)
  • Mito Line
  • Suigun Line
  • Nikko Line



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